Where Myths about the foreskin are debunked! 

  1. Being Circumcised is cleaner: This is one of the biggest myths out there, and perhaps the single biggest 'excuse' for circumcising boys. To put it simply, and to make it as direct as possible, WE HAVE SHOWERS these days, people. Boys can clean themselves very easily, and cleaning under the foreskin is no more difficult than cleaning behind the ears or any other body part. It's just an excuse to say a foreskin needs to be removed to make him more hygienic. I'd hate for him to have dirty nose or ears if that's the logic... When a boy is pre-pubescent, wash his penis without retracting, especially when a baby. As he comes into his teenage years, if he can, retract to clean (more on this in For Teenagers). Use warm water and mild soap. Simple as that.
  2. He needs to look like his father: Argh! Where does one begin with this stupid excuse! First, I'd hate for the father to be an amputee. Second, when a boy is young enough, as in he's at the age where parents bath him or shower him, he won't question the differences between his father's genitals and his own. I don't know many three-years olds who ask their father why they they are intact and he's not. And when a boy does come to the age where he will ask such things, like about the pre-teen/teen years, I'd hope father isn't bathing him by that stage. To be frank, boys want to be like other boys. These days, most boys are intact. Even in America, the circumcision rate is down to 30% or so according to latest figures. Think about it. In the locker room, your little Johny will be in the majority if he has a foreskin. For a boy, that's more important than looking like his old man, that's for sure.
  3. Foreskins cause AIDS: No, unprotected sex does. I don't know too many babies copulating with each other in nurseries, do you? Teach your son to be a responsible adult. Teach him about safe sex. Having him circumcised is just ridiculous because of an unfounded fear of catching AIDS. If he roots around without a condom, whether he's circumcised or not, he will more than likely get an STD. Again, logic, people. Don't believe the pro-circ propaganda.


4. Circumcision prevents penile cancer: first, let's put the scare mongering aside so we can discuss this rationally. Penile cancer is a VERY, very, very rare form of cancer. It affects circumcised and uncircumcised men in equal measure. But just to help clear it up, cancer is non-discriminatory. Anyone can get it. Any age. Any race. Any gender. Any socio-economic background. If you have a family history of cancer, of any sort, then you will be in a higher risk group. Simple as that. Don't believe the pro-circ hype. The foreskin does not harbor cancer. It makes no sense to suggest that it does. It would be like saying the liver should be removed because people get liver cancer. Or the breasts of women should be removed because of breast cancer. Ludicrous!

More myths to come...

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