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This site is dedicated to showing the function, beauty and purpose of the foreskin. It is all about that sometimes mis-represented male body part and nothing more. There is no apologies for that bias. The foreskin is a body part that so many are now coming to see is an important part of every man, both physically and mentally. It is the RIGHT of all men to have a foreskin, regardless of cultural, economic, or religious upbringing. His body, his choice.

Yes, Intact for Life does show nudity (Not safe for Work), but really, how can you have a foreskin site without showing what the foreskin looks like? If you are offended by nudity, then please leave. Likewise if you are offended by common sense, logic and the rights of all boys, then I suggest you leave, too.   

Above is a diagram of an intact penis. Aside from the ridged band and the frenulum, which is shown, the foreskin has tens of thousands of nerve endings, all designed for pleasure. It also protects the glans and aids in the gliding motion during intercourse and masturbation (more on the gliding motion on the Actively Intact page).

Did you know circumcision for non-religious reasons became popular in Victorian England because it was thought to stop masturbation and 'night emissions' (what we now call wet dreams)? How ridiculous does that sound? What's even more ridiculous is that people still believe such superstition to this day, even supposed 'Doctors' who should know better. The mind boggles.

So please, browse the pages, enjoy the beauty of the foreskin, learn something, and, like me, become an INTACTIVIST!

(please note this site is still under construction and many things will change daily until the final product is revealed)

Disclaimer stuff:

Intact for Life will be featuring models from all over the net. All of them beautifully intact. If you are offended by nudity, please click 'back' on your browser and take your ignorance with you. This is an ADULT site.

The images are not owned by us, so please, if you feel any infringement on copyright, let us know and the offending picture will be removed immediately.

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Latest Foreskin News

San Francisco is hitting the headlines by trying to introduce a bill that will ban male genital mutilation (yes, that's what circumcision is). The petition is getting votes, so let your voice be heard too if you live in that area:

The ballot seeks to make it “unlawful to circumcise, excise, cut, or mutilate the whole or any part of the foreskin, testicles, or penis of another person who has not attained the age of 18 years.” Lloyd Schofield, the man behind the initiative, said, “This subject of forced male mutilation has gotten worldwide attention and a lot of people are past the joking part of it."

For more information click here.

 Latest Intact for Life Reader picture.

Here is Intact for Life's first reader contribution. He is from Australia (a nation that enjoys a low circumcision rate of about 10%), and for the here and now, we'll call him, Aussieboi! Well thank you Aussieboi for sending in your pic. You have such a beautiful foreskin! One the readers will love too, I'm sure. More to come from Aussieboi so stay tuned...

To contribute anything, a picture of your beautiful foreskin, a story to share, an experience, some information, whatever, contact Intact for Life here. 

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