Congratulations, it's a boy!

On this page there will be heaps of information for parents to be of a baby boy. How to keep him clean. How to treat his foreskin, and more importantly, how others should treat him. Having a foreskin is natural and wonderful and this page will help you see that, too.                                                                                  

So, you're having a boy, and after much discussion and careful consideration, you and your partner have decided to leave him intact. Good on you. You are taking the first step in becoming a responsible, caring parent.

But now what?

Well, let's just talk about what the foreskin does for the newborn and go from there. Okay? The foreskin is there to protect the more delicate part of the penis, namely the glans. This means that a baby boy who is intact will fair a lot better in nappies than one who is circumcised. Sure, I hear you say, being circumcised means it's cleaner. Right? WRONG!

Having no foreskin means that urinary tract infections are more common, not to mention that urine and feces can, and will, cause problems for that circumcision wound. Think about it. Nature put there foreskin there for a reason. I have heard some parent worry about their son's foreskin being constantly reddened on the end. This is all normal and part of natures plan. It is doing its job of fighting off the nasties. Don't worry about it.

So how do you clean a foreskin when it's bath time? Well, to put it simply. DO NOTHING. That's right, just wash like the rest of your beautiful baby. Mild, baby friendly soap, and warm water. Do NOT retract his foreskin under ANY circumstances. NEVER. EVER. EVER. The foreskin is still attached to the glans at that age, all part of the plan, again. Don't even let a doctor or a nurse do it. NEVER. EVER. EVER. In fact, here's a note you can have attached to the front of the crib while you stay in hospital:


Dear Doctor/Nurse/Pediatrician,

We, as responsible parents, have decided to keep our son intact.

Please treat him with the same respect we have given him and not touch his foreskin in any way other than to look at it and admire how perfect he is. Do not force retract him. Do not even touch him there. He is just fine thank you. If and when we do have any concerns they will be addressed by us when the time is right to do so.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Yes, the note sounds harsh, but you wouldn't believe how many medical professionals have absolutely no idea what a foreskin is, let alone what to do with it. Only now are some medical journals even mentioning the word, 'foreskin'. So, a simple rule of thumb would be, LEAVE IT ALONE. Nature is a wonderful thing, and by the time your son is sexually active, he will thank you for keeping the best bit of his penis for himself. More on how wonderful the foreskin is as your son grows is on the For Teenagers page and Actively Intact page. Remember, at any age, the foreskin is easy to clean and maintain, just like any other body part.

This page will expand as I receive questions from parents to be...stay tuned.

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