Intact for Life's Foreskin of the Moment 25th Feb

February 25, 2011
Intact for Life's Foreskin of the Moment 25th Feb
Here is professional model, Matt Mills. At the time of this photo he was 23. He is beautifully intact, and in the words of his fans, of which I am one, he's just got one of the best foreskins out there.

In fact, a lot more people want to see intact models. "Too bad so many boys are mutilated by cutting, says one fan." Matt is lucky, his parents giving him the choice. His uncut cock is magnificent. We'd certainly like to see more intact models, that's for sure. No wonder European sites do so well :-)


Welcome to my NEW site

February 25, 2011
Welcome to my new site, Intact for Life. It will be a one-stop place for all things foreskin, and will also feature pictures, articles, news and anything else to help all of you understand this often mis-represented male body part.

The aim for this site is to show that the foreskin is functional, important, beautiful and needed part of the male penis. Some will say that it isn't. They are wrong. This site will help debunk all the myths you've ever heard, plus many, many more. His body, his ch...

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