Being Mature.

On this page all things foreskin will be discussed, especially focusing on the sexually active intact man. Sex is so much better with a foreskin and here is the place to come to find out how. Discussions on this page will also touch on the psychological affects of circumcision and how we, as responsible people, can ensure the cycle of circumcision is broken. 

When the time comes, and it will, you will become a sexually active man. So how do you get the best out of your foreskin? And more importantly, why is sex with a foreskin so much better? Well, we're here to answer all, and be warned, this page could lead to some very good times. 

The Gliding Motion. Its a fancy name which describes perfectly what a foreskin does when inside the vagina (or anything else). In combination with the aid of the ridged band and the frenulum, the foreskin provides some pretty mind blowing sensations. Basically, the foreskin glides across the glans, aiding in lubrication and in time with the man's actions while he is inside his partner.

The frenulum will add more sensation and the ridged band will roll on and off the glans as he moves. The whole foreskin will tingle, giving the man pleasure, and making him MORE aware of what he is doing. Intact men do not tend to 'bang' away constantly, trying to make up for something that has been lost. Their movements are more precise, more considered. Vaginal soreness is significantly reduced when the man is intact. In fact, the majority of women (and men) who experience an intact man never want to go back.

Multiple orgasms. No, it's not just something women can enjoy. Intact men, by and large, experience great orgasm sensation and are able to multiple orgasm more frequently. The combination of the nerves on the glans and the foreskin help achieve this. The foreskin is designed to protect and give pleasure, while the glans' nerves are more attuned to painful stimuli. In other words, an intact man will know when he has gone too far with whatever it is he is doing. This in turn will keep him stimulated longer and make him able to orgasm more frequently. Can't ask for more than that, can you?

Retracted or un-retracted. Well, that is the question, isn't it? Think about it, you have the choice if you are intact. Some men like to retract their foreskin while engaged in intercourse or masturbation, others don't. Both will give different sensations. Most men like to keep their foreskin over their glans as much as possible to give them the full benefit of the gliding motion. Makes sense, after all. What about condoms? After all, unless you are with only one person and plan to be for an extended time, condom use is a must these days. Me? I like to keep my foreskin un-retracted when I slip on a condom. Others may wish to retract. Again, its all up to the individual, but again, at least you have the choice if your parents had the foresight to keep you intact. 

More on being actively intact as questions come in....stay tuned. 

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